The Town of Holland was almost certainly named after the Holland Land Company which was composed of a group of merchants based in Amsterdam, Holland who purchased the land on which the present town is situated a few years after the American Revolution. The Holland Land Company owned large tracts of land in Western New York in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and agents of the company had offices in Batavia, New York. The first part of the town to be settled was the northern edge, known as the "Humphrey Valley," along what is now Rt. 16. It was here that the first known dwellings (log cabins) in the town were built in 1807. Pioneers continued to arrive in the valley after that, most notably from the state of Vermont. In 1818, the Town of Holland was officially created when the Town of Willink was divided into the towns of Holland, Wales, and Aurora.

Although primarily agrarian at the beginning of its history, Holland today has only a few large farms. Some light industry is also present. The scenic valley and hillsides of Holland are home to some of the area's – and the nation's – finest artists whose depictions of the lovely countryside can be seen in galleries near and far. Holland also has several shops, offices, eateries, and a NASCAR racetrack. The community prides itself on its charming, small town atmosphere, its fine school system, and its rural friendliness.

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